Tanika Inlaw - Educator, Community Outreach Worker, Advocate and Mother

Educator, Community Outreach Worker, Advocate and Mother.

Civil AdvocateTanika had a career in broadcast journalism working at ABC’s daytime talk show “The View” and ABC News radio. However, she scaled back her professional career to focus on her growing family.

Tanika is a fierce public servant who teaches in NYC’s public school and takes an active role in politics. Tanika is the past president of the Yonkers NAACP, was appointed to an advisory committee by Westchester County’s Executive, Rob Astorino, a former candidate for New York State Senate and motivational speaker.

She has a strong passion for social justice and believes that people should strive to be their best selves. Her motto is “ Think Big, Dream big and Believe but always wear grace!”

She is widely recognized for her honest outspoken and assertive persona. Tanika says “With all that I try to do, my priority is providing a better tomorrow for our families and community.”